Who we Are

We are Tornotron, a new-age technology company focusing on providing world-class technology and digital services to business owners and clients to transform their business for a global class of customers. Starting in 2021 with an ambitious project to serve one of the best coaching institutes in central Kerala, we are grown to serve more than seven businesses.
Class Apten

A Bit of History

Tornotron is founded on principles of high standards, ethics, and genuine customer service by two young engineers during their Ph.D. journey in IIT Madras to full fill a greater vision to serve businesses of different capacities to scale up and improve their digital presence. Through the diverse portfolio of services available at an affordable cost, we aim to transform the business landscape of India into global standards. A dedicated, young, and energetic group of engineers and professionals are the back bone of our company.

Our Mission

To be a partner of choice for companies and entities to transform their business to digital and provide them with all the possible helps and services at an affordable cost. 

Our Vision

To become a global technology company enabling peoples and entities to transform themselves to accommodate rapidly changing technological and scientific advantages. 

The Backbone

Our Great Team

Abhijith A

Managing Director

Aneesh K Johny


Aswin Sekhar


Abin K Johny


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